Monday, December 5, 2011

Not a good weekend in sports

Ya take the good, ya take the bad...

That's what this weekend was in the sports world. Sure there were some
great games with great individual performances - did you see Tebow
intercept that pass at the end of the game to set up the FG by Tebow -
but we were also reminded this weekend of what's wrong with sports as
currently constructed.

The BCS sucks. Next subject.

Football has become a glorified game of two hand touch. Almost every
tackle has become a game of wait and see. Will he be flagged or won't
he. Big hits, that several seasons ago were celebrated on MNFs "Jacked
Up", are now outlawed and demonized. Players play every down in fear
that a 15 yard penalty and thousands of dollars in fines wait at the
other end of the whistle. Because of this; every player, college and
pro, is now thinking too much and going against what every coach
they've ever played for taught them, "Just play." How can you just
play when the are no universal rules - roughing the passer to one
referee is a good clean hit to another. Watch the last four weeks of
NFL play and the college bowl season. Examine the tackling, it's awful
because players are thinking and not playing.

Ron Santo is not a Hall of Fame baseball player and 96% of the voters
in his first year of eligibility, 1980, agree with me. Santo has zero
RBI, zero hits, and zero HRs in the ensuing thirty-one years, yet he
is now worthy of induction to a once exclusive club? How is this
possible? It's possible because the sporting world is soft. Santo, may
he rest in peace, was, by all accounts, a helluva guy, decent husband,
loving father; his baseball numbers, however, are most similar to Gary
Gaetti, Chili Davis, and Dale Murphy. Only Murphy is even a borderline
vote worthy player. The Baseball Hall has become the participation
trophy at the end of tee ball season with Santo's inclusion, who's
next...Sean Casey?

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